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Study in Ireland

Ireland is a Great Destination to Get a High-Quality Education

Ireland is the land of scholars and saints. When we consider greats like Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Yeats, etc., we know for a fact why this ‘Celtic Tiger’ is called so! Study in Ireland, as far as education for International students is concerned, Ireland is an emerging country, which is now spreading its wings. With students seeking new frontiers for higher education, Ireland has emerged as a very promising country because of two strengths – the medium of instruction and cheaper costs. More attractive for students is the visa, which is easy to obtain than any other country’s (at least popular!)

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Why Ireland?

One strong reason why Ireland is also trying to attract more number of students is the fact that their population is not growing much and they would have a very low level of growth in further education, in terms of numbers.

Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Trinity College in Dublin is the oldest and most prestigious university that was founded in 1592. The National University of Ireland, University College of Dublin, University College Cork, University of Limerick are equally reputed universities.

Dublin Institute of Technology is the largest among Institutes of Technologies in Ireland. Others include the Waterford Institute of Technology, Athlone Institute of Technology, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, etc.